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New Soundboards & Lightsabers!

Hello Initiates and welcome to our very first blog post. We've launched for about a week now and we are really thankful for all the support we received the past week. All orders are now finalised and most of them shipped. Surprisingly, we have received a few queries asking for higher end soundboards. Those who purchased with us during our Carousell days would have remembered that we used to power our Neopixel sabers with Proffie V2.2. Unfortunately, due to global demand and the great silicon shortage, we ran out of stock. However, that draught will no longer be a problem soon.

I am pleased to announced that we have secured our supply of Golden Harvest v3 and Proffie v2.2!! These new sabers however will be a separate collection than the ones we currently offer. Rest assured these lightsaber designs wont disappoint you! I look forward to getting your hands on these soundboards ASAP!

These new soundboards allow for a high degree of user customisation and also access to the most widely used platform in the lightsaber world. Take full advantage of Proffie 2.2 with access to thousands of soundfonts and unique blade styles to truly turn your lightsabers unique.

Golden Harvest soundboards are one of the best affordable lightsaber soundboards provided by SaberTec. Their latest iteration, "GHv3 Phase 4" supports accent LEDs, True smooth swing, full gyroscope and gesture support. GHv3 uses the same file structure as Crystal Focus X (CFX) hence owners of GHv3 can expect access to a huge library of soundfonts and blade styles as well.

Our GHv3 and Proffie 2.2 Lightsabers will only come in NEOPIXEL configuration. Orders open on 8th November 2021, 12pm GMT+8

I hope you guys are excited as we are, we've come very far from just providing affordable RGB and XNP sabers. This is for you, the hardcore lightsaber fans who want more out of their sabers. Let us know what you think, and if you're excited for our GHv3 sabers down in the comments below! 

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I can’t wait for my own saber to arrive so that I can have friendly duels with my friends this christmas!!

Sandra Hannah

OMG! I can finally get my hands on a Proffie Neopixel saber! I cant wait for 8th November now!

Emir Hamzah

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