Founded in 2021 in Sunny Singapore, SPACECANTINA.CO was formed from our love of science fiction and a certain space opera from a galaxy far far away.

We focus on providing high quality and affordable custom sabers. Each saber, masterfully crafted and tested before it reaches your doorstep. We are a customer-centric company and believe that every saber delivered will live up to your expectations and continue delivering fun for many years.

We want to deliver what other brands could not locally and offer duel ready and functional sabers out of the box at an affordable cost. 


Our main vision is to create a strong community of enthusiasts and fans regardless of race, language or religion. We believe that our lightsabers are more than just toys or overpriced glowsticks but an extension of one's body and technical ability. Be it you're a duelist or simply love the joy of collecting iconic lightsabers we welcome everyone and anyone.