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Welcome to our official lightsaber buyer's guide. Here you can find detailed information about all the differences in the products we offer as well as what all the other add-ons mean. As of now the guide is still a work in progress & will be updated in due time. For now, you can easily direct your queries via our online chat function & a sales rep will be with you shortly. 

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What are the differences between our 3 collections?

Our 3 collections are meant to distinguish the different price ranges as well as the complexity of your hilt. We'll start from the top with our most affordable series and work our way to our replica legacy sabers.

PREBUILT SABERS represent our most affordable line of sabers. They are meant to get you into the action when you open the box. For categorization purposes we have separated the designs in this collection to Tier-1, Tier-2, Crossguard & Saberstaffs. 

TIER-1 Sabers: They are the simplest in terms of design without sacrificing any of the functions. 
TIER-2 Sabers: This tier offer saber designs that are a lot more intricate and complex. Hilts in this tier are usually picked up by second time buyers who are looking for something different than their peers

Crossguards: Popularized by Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens movie, crossguard sabers feature side vented emitters to let go of "excess" heat. In terms of our REAL LIFE sabers, they look cool.

Saberstaffs: Wielded by notable members of the order and the sith such as Pong Krell, Bastila Shan, Satele & the ever popular Darth Maul. Saberstaffs are double bladed sabers that emit from both sides. This gives it a whole different fighting style & performance in battle, also it looks cool.

Similar to our prebuilt sabers, our BUILD-A-SABER collection facilitates a stronger sense of ownership when purchasing a saber. One that is tailored according to your selection of electronics & accessories. In essence, this collection is meant to educate first timer buyers when purchasing their sabers. The hilts in this collection are exclusive to us & are a step above our prebuilt selections.
THE LEGACY SERIES represent the finest in our inventory. They are the cream of the crop replica hilts from your favourite characters from a galaxy far, far away. These hilts offer screen accurate details & comes in a collectible hard carry case for safe storage & transport during conventions/parties. If you're looking for lightsabers that are closer to the ones in the movie, this is the collection you should be looking at. 

What are the differences between the hilts?

There is NO difference between the hilt designs. The lightsaber serves as an extension of one's self. Once crafted, it serves as your companion & as a ready means of self-defence. Choose a hilt design that best represents yourself or one that is comfortable for you to use. If you're an avid collector & consume alot of SW media. Our legacy series sabers offer screen accurate details for those who are really particular.

What install option should I choose when selecting my lightsaber?

For a full breakdown of the 3 different install options - CLICK HERE

We offer 3 different install options when selecting your lightsaber. Here is a VISUAL DEMO of what the difference are between the 3 install options. Please watch the video closely & pay attention to the way the sabers light up & retract. 





Do you offer any warranty?